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Editorial Comment — January 2014


Things We'd Like To See In 2014…

Among the many things we'd like to see in the coming year, these are some that stand out:

… A renewed emphasis on growing exchange and commissary store sales — it's where the biggest gains can be made — impulse buying and add-on sales in physical stores dwarf online incremental sales.

… Resale agencies and services, brokers and manufacturers brainstorming to put the spotlight back on building up exchange and commissary traffic: increasing sales is one key to protecting the benefit.

… More companies investing resources to strengthen their presence in this market — demonstrating their belief in military resale.

… DeCA fully staffed and fully funded — so the current $46.6 million “program decrease” is the very last cut. The only cut they really need now … is to cut them a break!

… A budget for 2015 — proposed, passed and signed into law — that does no damage to military or family readiness … and continued vigilance at the periphery, as the wolves keep gnashing away at the edges.

… Congress to knock it off and get its act together … to work in a spirit of cooperation … and perhaps be paid an hourly wage based upon productivity (depending of course on what it is that's produced).

… A constitutional amendment forbidding government shutdowns.

…Everyone from the grass roots to the Pentagon's E-ring remembering — as military funding is always under attack — that they must keep the pressure on.

… A grateful nation embracing its servicemen and women, veterans, retirees and military families — and keeping its promises to them.

… And a rewarding, fruitful and prosperous year for all who support their quality of life.

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