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Highlights of the November 2011 Issue

Giving Customers A Voice —
Air Force Reserve Dining Facility
Puts Comments to Work


Reservists training at the 155th Air Refueling Wing are encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions regarding any aspect of the dining facility from food to service, and those submissions are taken seriously.

“We have prided ourselves in the past of our 100 percent feedback policy. If a member puts their name on the comment card, it is our policy to contact 100 percent of those who submit comment cards by phone or email,” explained Master Sgt. Aaron Aulner, prime ribs manager, 155th Air Refueling Wing.

Defeated in its first attempt to win the Disney Award, the dining facility implemented customer surveys in 2005 in an effort to improve performance with the goal of raising its evaluation score to win that competition.

That goal was reached in 2008 when the 155th dining facility became a Disney winner.


DLA 50TH ANNIVERSARY: A Half Century of Logistics Management

The contemporary Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is built on a foundation that was constructed back in World War II to satisfy the need for rapid, centralized, high-quantity procurement of everything from munitions to supplies using uniform financial management practices.

America's combat logistics provider has come a long way as it reaches the half-century mark, but remains committed to its mission and continues refining its role as the hub for cost-effective military logistics management and support.

“Since its founding in 1961 at the height of the Cold War, the Defense Logistics Agency has provided unwavering support to the nation's warfighters,” wrote Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in a letter to DLA Director Navy Vice Adm. Alan Thompson Oct. 4 congratulating the DLA staff on the agency's 50th anniversary.


FACILITY PROFILE: The Academy's Renovated Kitchen Gets Busy —
USNA King Hall Galley

For the nearly 4,400-member Brigade of Midshipmen and others anxious for completion of renovations to the U.S. Naval Academy's King Hall galley, the long wait concludes this December when all facets of the project are to be finished.

Under way since March 2010, the renovation includes updating the kitchen, whose equipment was approximately 40 years old, as well as the addition of a food court, or “servery,” which the Brigade will utilize for non-mandatory meals, such as on weekends.

“There are minor cosmetic touches still taking place, but the majority of the work is completed,” said Dave O'Malley, food services director, Midshipman Food Services Division.

The contract for the renovation was awarded to Barton Marlow Co. of Linthicum Heights, Md. The renovation was funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and the total cost was approximately $52.7 million.