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Highlights of the July 2011 Issue

MCAS Yuma Semper Fit Program: Promoting Readiness through Recreation,Sports and Fitness


The overriding mission for Semper Fit professionals at MCAS Yuma, Ariz., is preparing Marines for combat, and once they are deployed, providing their families with the necessary programs and support needed to ease the separation time and relieve stress and anxiety.

“Our number one priority is to make sure our Marines are fit and to give them peace of mind when they are deployed that their families are taken care of,” says MCCS Semper Fit Director Adrian Villalobos. “What we have been doing is training frontline staff on upcoming events because word of mouth is a huge selling point for us. We also use station marquees and social networking sites — such as Facebook — which help us reach out to Marines, their families and retirees.” Read more...

Fort Jackson: Emphasizingthe Role of Family in MWR

The Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR) program at Fort Jackson, S.C., has evolved quite a bit over the past five years, providing more opportunities and support for both soldiers and their families.

“The Army Family Covenant has helped a lot and has put a lot of funding toward family programs,” says FMWR Director Dave Harmon, who has been in his position for over 15 years. “We are set to open two new child development centers (CDC) in the July/August timeframe at about $5 million each, which were funded through the Army Family Covenant. We have waiting lists for child care spaces, and these new facilities will also help alleviate the overcrowding in our existing facilities.” Read more...

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Fitness Center Rises Up

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, a vitally important base situated on Seavey's Island between Maine and New Hampshire, prides itself on preparing sailors for the physical and nutritional challenges they face on tough missions. Whether it is preparing sailors for a six-month mission on a sub in cramped quarters or for a search-and-rescue mission, Navy fitness professionals at Portsmouth rise to the challenge with facilities, programs and equipment that is tailored to the specific needs of each sailor.

In the past 10 years alone, the Fletcher Fitness Center, the main fitness center at the shipyard, has been transformed from a tennis facility with a small fitness space to what it is today — a full-fledged fitness center with state of the art equipment, programs and services. Read more...