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January 2012
New Year, New Perspectives ...

While many of us set ourselves up each year with unrealistic and unattainable New Year's resolutions, what the changing of calendars does provide is an annual opportunity to gain new perspectives, improve on ourselves — upgrade to a version 2.0 or 3.0, so to speak. And for some of us, even a version 7.0 or 8.0.

Maybe it is carving out some time each day to exercise or changing poor eating habits or making a point of spending some more quality time with family — Jan. 1 is our one chance each year to seize the moment and make a change, however subtle, for the better.

Here at GRF, we are seizing the opportunity to improve the magazine for 2012. One way that we are doing this is with our new section, “Fit for Print,” which allows us to provide much more news content — stories, announcements and industry information — in short, paragraph-long stories for easy digestion.

In addition to providing more substance, the new section allows us to delve into some areas that in the past we did not have the space to tackle in our Rec Notes section alone. This month, we have a variety of interesting tidbits that range from new studies of fitness and longevity and preserving lean muscle mass in older adults, to announcements on the Warrior Games as well as a new Department of Defense (DoD) grant program to provide sport camps for military youth.

If you see a story in our “Fit for Print” section that piques your interest and would like some more information, we encourage you to e-mail us with your requests and suggestions, and make us aware of any interesting news items or stories that you feel deserve inclusion in this section. It is our hope that this new feature opens communication channels between us.

Another way that we are improving the magazine is by creating special sections throughout the year, such as this month's Military Sports and Fitness Expo section, which provides a quick guide to new and innovative fitness, recreation, sports and athletic equipment, products and services from suppliers that have shown continued support of Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) programs and facilities.

We also continue to improve our web site, which gives access to the most current feature articles, archives of features from past issues, “breaking news” that is relevant to the MWR world, and suppliers that cater specifically to the military market.

As we approach our 20-year anniversary (in 2014 ), we are reminded that it is never too late for change — in the magazine and in our own lives. We should all take advantage of this annual call for introspection, this opportunity to reevaluate things and steer the ship on a slightly different course for the better. Because we only get so many chances, so many New Year's Days in this short life.