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Highlights of the APRIL 2013 Issue


Largest Stateside Army Lodge


Fort Lee, Va., celebrated the grand opening of its new 504,000-square-foot, 1,000-room Army Lodge on Feb. 19, 2013, with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Fort Lee leaders, Department of Defense (DoD) and government officials, as well as numerous leaders from the surrounding communities.

Key speakers at the ceremony were Maj. Gen. Larry D. Wyche, U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) commanding general and Fort Lee senior mission commander, and Col. Rodney D. Edge, USA, commander, Fort Lee.

“The primary reason for this facility is to provide safe and secure lodging on post for soldiers and other military students training here, in a manner that also enhances their educational environment,” noted Edge. ...


MCAS New River Overcomes Challenges To Open Renovated E-Club


The Holmes Memorial Enlisted Club at MCAS New River in Jacksonville, N.C., recently received $1.5 million in upgrades and renovations in a project not even an earthquake could stop.

The club, which is home to the base's Single Marine Program (SMP), was in need of an update. “[The club was] 30 years old, with an outdated motif that did not reflect the needs and desires of our single enlisted service members,” said Richard T. Cole, Semper Fit director at MCAS New River. “The existing facility had a 70s feel, complete with an 8-inch sunken floor surrounded by outdated railings and exposed vertical steel support beams, and a sports bar and lounge that was completely separated from the rest of the facility with a dark glass, aluminum storefront system. The VCT floor was in an outdated blue and white checkerboard pattern. There was also an overhead neon light system encircling the sunken area. Overall, the facility had a cold atmosphere with exposed, painted CMU and electrical conduits throughout.”

The renovation of the club was first proposed by Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Director James P. Steadman in early 2010 as a response to both the requests of the Single Marine Program and the Commandant's guidance to find ways to provide single service members with state-of-the-art facilities that would assist them in their return from numerous deployments, and transition back to stateside life. ...


UNIFORM TRENDS: 'Wearing Their Uniforms with Pride'
Marine Corps Sets High Standards for Staff


American author and humorist Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man,” but if he were making his wry comments about the current-day military hospitality industry, he might revise that comment to, “Uniforms make the military hospitality associate.”

Clearly, military hospitality associates project specific images through the uniforms they wear while on duty, said Ric Pomeroy, branch head, Food, Hospitality, Commercial Recreation and Entertainment, Semper Fit and Exchange Services Division.

“Uniforms are a significant aspect of Marine Corps culture, and Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) associates pride themselves on our appearance, as do our Marines and sailors,” he explained. “A uniform is a promise of quality, consistency and attentive service. Without a distinguished uniform program, we would not be able to fulfill that promise.”

Pomeroy said that across all Marine Corps Food and Hospitality programs, all associates are required to wear uniforms with an MCCS name badge. “We do not allow casual attire in any of our outlets,” he noted. “Uniforms are a key component in service delivery. Our Marines wear their uniforms with pride. MCCS associates simply follow their lead by wearing their uniforms with pride.” ...

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TENTS/SHADE STRUCTURES: The Art of Hospitality —
JB Lewis-McChord FMWR Hosts Numerous Annual Events


The Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR) professionals at JB Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Wash., have made an art form out of hosting big events on post. Whether it is the recent St. Patrick's Day Celebration or the annual Oktoberfest and 4th of July Freedom Fest celebrations, the continued success of these events, and the smiling faces of service members and their families, are a testament to their overall importance for morale and family cohesion.

The MWR Festival Tent, located behind Bowl Arena Lanes, provides an ideal setting for get-togethers, celebrations, concerts and other events held each year at JBLM. And combined with the many FMWR support facilities outside, the joint base provides many events that families can attend together.

“We have our large MWR Festival Tent, which we use throughout the year for a variety of functions,” noted Rick Randle, chief, Community Recreation Division. “We had our St. Patrick's Day celebration in the tent on March 16 with live Irish music and dancers and Guinness on tap.”

Randle said that providing high-quality FMWR facilities and events is of the utmost importance at this high operational tempo joint base. ...