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Highlights of the FEBRUARY 2013 Issue




Perfect Pasta at Purdue

Pasta is one of those staples that college and university foodservice operations love. It is versatile, cost effective and popular with students.

It is definitely a popular ingredient at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. “We enjoy cooking with pasta,” said Jill Irvin, then-director of Residential Dining, who has since left to become director of Dining Services at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. “It is very versatile. It is very cost effective. We try to use it in a number of different cuisines. When we talk pasta, we aren't just talking about burying a sauce on top of noodles. We use pasta in salads. We use it in Asian cooking. We use it in Indian cooking, as well as the usual ways. I don't think there is a meal that goes by that students can't get pasta someplace or another. We find it to be an extremely versatile ingredient that we try to get as much leverage out of as possible. It is definitely a crowd pleaser.”

Made-to-order pasta dishes are available at two locations on campus. “At Wiley Dining Court, we feature a different pasta each day,” she said. “As a customer, you come up and select the items you want to have sautéed with your pasta. We sauté those items together in individual skillets. We give that to the student, and then we have a variety of sauces available for them to dress their pasta. We have that every single day for lunch and dinner. It is popular.”

Students can have their own made-to-order baked casseroles at Earhart Dining Court. “They select their pasta and their toppings, like vegetables and meats, from our bar and put it into a casserole dish,” said Irvin. “We then put it through an impinger to heat it all up. The end result is that the students have a customized made-to-order pasta dish for themselves.” ...



Stanford Waging Ramen Wars

For academic year 2012-2013, Stanford University in California is waging Ramen Wars, a series of cooking events that bring students and campus chefs together.

Gary Arthur, director of operations for Stanford University's Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) Dining and Hospitality & Auxiliaries, came up with the idea of Ramen Wars, featuring the Japanese noodle dish. “I wanted something to get our chefs closely engaged in cooking with students; it's all about the interaction between chefs and students,” he said.

Ramen Wars originated in Japan, where ramen masters in a particular area vie for bragging rights and customers, according to Eric Montell, executive director of Stanford Dining. Ramen traditionally consists of wheat noodles served in a meat- or fish-based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso, and uses a variety of toppings such as sliced pork and dried seaweed. ...



BREAKFAST ... ON THE GO: Northern Colorado Breakfast “Runs” Well


For the 15 years or so that the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley has offered grab 'n go selections for its students, the program has been very popular.

“It started out as Lunch on the Run, a pilot program, and it became really popular,” said Hal Brown, director of Dining Services. “Then we started setting the standards and so forth, and what exactly we were going to have, and tried to cost that out because of the extra labor and extra cost of the individual items and things. We started looking at a name for it, so we came up with Gourmet to Go. We then moved it to dinner the following year.”

When Dining Services realized that many students were not getting up for breakfast, it tried a breakfast Gourmet to Go test program. “We were trying to figure out how we could make it more efficient for them,” he said. “When we closed the dining room, we started breakfast Gourmet to Go to extend our breakfast hours because students just really wanted cereal, a piece of fruit or bagel to go. That is how we really got into the breakfast Gourmet to Go. Since then, it has grown.” ...

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DESIGN: UWM Opens Two Major Facilities ... at the Same Time


In the fall of 2012, Dining and Culinary Services at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM) opened two new major venues on campus — Gordon Dining and Event Center and Four Lakes Market in Dejope Hall.

“This was not the original plan; the original plan had Dejope Hall opening two years ago, but we had issues getting it through the state building commission,” said Joie Schoonover, director of Dining and Culinary Services. “We couldn't get approval, so it was postponed a couple of years; so they collided.”

Although the daunting task of opening the two facilities simultaneously was not the original plan, doing so had its benefits. “In reality though, as much as it seems crazy, by opening two large dining units at the same time, it enabled us to really assess our systems and staffing, and that is probably something we wouldn't have taken as close a look at had we done them separately,” she said. “We were able to assess where we needed people, and what classifications we needed. I don't know that we would not have done that if we had done each unit separately. We did that with the management team as well.” ...





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