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Highlights of the APRIL 2014 Issue


WORLD CUISINE: Global Flavors Abound at Richmond


As students become exposed to different cuisines in their experiences and through television programs, they have high expectations for their dining options when it comes to global offerings on campus.

At the University of Richmond in Virginia, Dining Services has been meeting students' desires for authentic global flavors.

“Every station has some kind of global infusion,” said Cindy Stearns, assistant director: Marketing & Special Programs with Dining Services.

Hemispheres, a station featuring a Mongolian Grill, in Heilman Dining Center, serves up a variety of international favorites. But the Mongolian Grill is not just used for Asian specialties. “The students love the Mongolian Grill, and since we renovated eight or nine years ago, part of what we were looking at when we had the renovation was the versatility of each of the stations, and what we could do there other than what it was designed for,” said Glenn Pruden, CEC, executive chef/ assistant director of Residential Dining.

One of the most popular dishes prepared on the Mongolian Grill is paella, a rice dish that originated in the Valencia region of Spain. “We do it once every four weeks,” he said. “We have a paella pan that feeds 350 people. We use Spanish rice, saffron, fresh mussels, clams, shrimp and chorizo.” ...




HEALTHY EATING: UCLA Opens Healthy Bruin Plate


UCLA Healthy Initiative Bruin PlateIn 2013, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) launched the Healthy Campus Initiative, with a goal of being the healthiest campus in America. With the opening of its new new dining hall, the Bruin Plate, the university is certainly on its way to achieving that goal.

The new facility is part of a housing development project that brought 1,500 new beds to campus. “There has been a real move by UCLA to make the university more of a residential campus, so the idea was to have more beds and more spaces available to students so they could live on campus rather than having to commute,” said Rebecca Kendall, senior media relations representative.

Bruin Plate is all about healthy eating. “The idea of healthy eating in the facility really came about from student feedback,” said Daryl Ansel, director of Food and Beverage for UCLA's Housing and Hospitality Services. “Prior to this, we had developed a remodeled dining hall that features Pan-Asian food. That filled a certain void and a certain desire by our students. We had already been in the mode of doing a lot of dialogue with our students through focus groups, surveys, etc., and the next thing we heard was they wanted fresher food, healthier food, less processed food. That was the start of it.”...



SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS: Special Dietary Needs Profile: Oswego


SUNY Oswego Special Dietary NeedsLike many schools across the country, the State University of New York (SUNY) Oswego has a number of students who have special dietary needs.

“I have about 40 students who have special dietary needs,” said Sarah Formoza, registered dietitian with Auxiliary Services.

When students report to Formoza that they have a special dietary need, she sends them a profile to complete that helps her get to know their needs. After the profile is completed, a meeting is set up at the dining hall the student will use most.

“At the meeting are myself, the student and the manager in that building,” she said. “We sit down and get some dietary history on them, get an idea of some foods that they like. Then it all depends on what the allergy is. I can use gluten-free as an example, because about half of those 40 students are on a gluten-free diet. That one is huge. I will show them the special gluten-free area, and we will do a tour of the dining room, and sometimes introduce them to the kitchen staff and the cooks. We will go through the menu and see if they are able to just eat off of our menu, or if maybe we need to accommodate them otherwise.” ...



Cornell Holds '5 Days' Special Diet Challenge


SUNY Oswego Special Dietary NeedsThe senior management team of Cornell Dining, as well as students and other members at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., recently spent five days following different diets and lifestyles to discover how their customers eat on campus.

“Our intent was two-fold,” said Michele Lefebvre, RD, CDN, director, Nutrition Management at Cornell Dining. “Not only does it give our frontline staff an opportunity to learn — they are going to get a lot of questions through the week. We are all going to be asking them, 'What's vegan? What's gluten-free? What has dairy in it?' We are going to force them to really learn what they are serving. I do food allergy training all the time and you can train, but when they are forced to really look at something, they learn it in a much different way.”

She continued, “It also provides our managers and staff with a different perspective. It has given them an opportunity to create new ideas, come up with some new menus, new stations and so forth.”

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