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On-Campus Hospitality


Highlights of the May 2011 Issue

BEVERAGES — A Chill Concept


When Dianna Benting, foodservice district manager at Portland Community College (PCC) in Oregon wanted to launch a beverage concept on her campus that focused on local, sustainable and healthy products, she knew that she did not have enough purchasing power to bring in enough product.


Pacific Natural happened to drop a sample of their smoothie base off on my desk and I got to looking at it and thought, 'Wow, it would be great to have our own concept,'” she said. “I know that PCC is not big enough to demand that a distributor bring in enough product, so I called Rich Turnbull at Oregon State University (OSU) and I know he did some self-branding in the past and I asked if he would like to get together for a smoothie concept and brand it.” Read more...

DESIGN — Pat Case Dining Center at TU: Fine Dining on Campus

When the University of Tulsa (TU) in Oklahoma received a multi-million dollar donation from a donor and trustee to renovate the Twin Towers cafeteria, the goal was to create a facility that would have a different look, feel and variety than one you might expect on a college campus.


The Pat Case Dining Center in Fisher Hall seems to have met that goal successfully. The exterior features a new pavilion for dining outdoors that blends with the historic Gothic architecture that exists on the TU campus. The interior reflects a contemporary design with dark and light woods with bright and warm finishes. “TU worked with an interior decorator named Phil Long, as well as an architectural firm named Beck Designs in Tulsa,” said Mike Neal, general manager with Sodexo, the campus foodservice provider. “They put together a very nice plan for the university and for the décor.” Read more...


THE BACK PAGE — Healthy Retail

National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) benchmarking results confirm it year after year — it's very difficult to maintain a positive bottom line in the world of collegiate retail dining. And yet most dining directors are under increasing pressure to accomplish just that.


Often retail managers and directors feel their value to campus administrators rests solely on their ability to be profitable. Sadly, many campuses opt to partner with the fast-food industry to meet their retail needs, thereby offering students, faculty and staff a known entity with a financial return which can often translate into a “safe” and profitable partnership for many administrators. A traditional retail model that offers a cooked-from-scratch menu is harder to “sell” to administrators and can be fiscally challenging for the operator but satisfyingly healthier than fast food. Read more...