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Highlights of the MAY 2012 Issue


Opens Recruiting Crown Jewel


Centenary College in Hackettstown, N.J., recently opened a new dining hall that has become a marketing tool for student recruitment.

The new dining hall at the David and Carol Lackland Center has been used by the university as a recruiting tool in radio commercials and on campus tours.

That was not the case with the facility it replaced. “We were in a building at the front of campus that was well over 100 years old and looked it,” said Linda Gonia, director of Dining Services with Chartwells, the campus foodservice provider. “The kitchen was first built in the early 1900s. It did have an addition put on it, but the actual kitchen and cooking facilities were from back in the early 1900s. It was interesting. It was very, very old equipment — very pieced together, a piece that has been found here or brought in from there. We had refrigerators that were actually sinking. During the 12 years I was there, the walk-in refrigerators sank about two to two-and-a-half inches.”

The new dining facility's style of service is based on Chartwells' Pulse on Dining (POD) program. It uses a generational approach to cater to the needs of today's college students. POD involves active participation and interaction from the students and staff, which delivers a complete and satisfying experience during meal time. It is 100 percent responsive and accommodating to the needs of the current generation of college students, according to the company. ...



BREAKFAST: Breakfast at Bucknell


Breakfast is an important and popular meal at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa., with a variety of options ... and those options are about to increase.

“About 19 percent of the meals we serve in resident dining are served during the breakfast meal time,” said David Freeland, district manager with Parkhurst Dining Services, the campus foodservice provider.

One of the most popular stations — and not just at breakfast — is the Egg Bar. “The Egg Bar is open not only at breakfast, but also at lunch and dinner,” he said. “We have had it in operation for six years and I was a little skeptical — I didn't think it would be popular in the non-breakfast day parts, but it is.”

When asked why it is so popular, he said, “I think it offers a variety of options. Some of them do not get up for breakfast, so it gives them an opportunity to have an omelet or an egg-white omelet or crepe at lunch and at dinner. It is also a source of high protein, so for athletes, they have a tendency to visit that station quite often.” ...




1899 Bar & Grill at Northern Arizona Popular Off Campus


The 1899 Bar & Grill at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff is not only a hit with students, faculty and staff, but has also received accolades from the local (and not-so-local) community.

In 2011, the on-campus restaurant was named one of Arizona's 10 best restaurants in 2011 by Phoenix Magazine and was among Sunset Magazine's “Editor's Picks: 3 Restaurants We Love Now.”

“It was very nice and very humbling to be honored,” said Jay Graves, operations director with Sodexo, the campus foodservice provider. “We didn't realize we had made that much of an impression that quickly. It was very complimentary and I think it has gone really well for us. We were the only college-based restaurant to receive those acknowledgements. Flagstaff is a tourist-oriented destination, and I have never lived in a town this small that has as many good restaurants in it as there are here. It was really a great compliment to be listed as one.”

He continued, “The thing that we keep hearing a lot about in our comment cards and things is that people aren't expecting us — at a university — to be the quality establishment that we are. One of the things we wanted to establish when we did this was offer a level of service that they weren't going to get from most other places. We try to treat the customers with the respect that they deserve.” ...


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