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Not Just for the Morning Anymore


With its comforting choices, breakfast has always been a very popular meal. Now those items are finding their ways into other parts of the day on many colleges, with The Ohio State University in Columbus and Princeton University in New Jersey among them.


When Dining Services was first considering the options for the Ohio Union, it surveyed students as to what they wanted. There was an overwhelming desire for breakfast all day. ... If you have a craving for breakfast items at non-traditional breakfast hours while at Ohio State, you have two options.

Sloopy's Diner in the Ohio Union: “Breakfast products constitute about 30 percent of the food items we sell. They buy them all day. Open: Thursday and Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 a.m. and Sunday to Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.” ...

Kennedy Traditions: “We went in and basically brought students into the fold in terms of the planning of what we would do for that facility. They specifically asked for breakfast all day. It is now station-based, so there is a central salad bar, a grill station, breakfast all day, a station we refer to as a Chef's Stage — a finish-to-order station where we are rotating different cuisines. Open: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.” ...

Karri Benishek, manager of marketing and communications.


While Princeton University does not serve breakfast throughout the day on a daily basis, when it does, it is because students have requested it.

“We have six residential colleges and four dining halls. We have two duals, which means that we have two residential colleges that share a central servery and have their own dining hall. Each of those staffs have anywhere between one, two and three chefs on them. Each of the chefs writes their own menu, and they change them three times a year. They work pretty closely with the students in the colleges. If the students want breakfast for dinner, they will switch out a menu and put that in there for them.” ...

Susan Pierson, RD, associate director of Residential Dining.

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HANDHELD FOODS — UConn Sandwiches Feature Gourmet Spin


If you are looking for a sandwich on the campus of the University of Connecticut (UConn) in Storrs, you can go for your run-of-the-mill tuna salad or turkey and Swiss, but you can also end up with some gourmet options — like many of the customers do.

“We do have our standard line because there are those customers who want your standard turkey, tuna, ham and cheese and those items,” said Robert Landolphi, manager of culinary development at UConn. “We probably sell the least amount of those. We are lucky to have our own bakery, so we produce all of the focaccia breads we use; all of the rye, pumpernickels, jalapeno breads. So a lot of our sandwiches feature the breads. I have seen an increase in the request for specialty breads. People are looking for more flavorful breads — five-grain breads, breads with seeds, including pumpkin. We are putting a lot more flavor into the bread. I think that really helps kick the sandwich up a notch. We are putting a gourmet spin on our sandwiches. We are upscaling our sandwich line.” ...



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DESIGN: LIU Post: Time Is on Their Side

There were many reasons the foodservice offerings at Hillwood Commons on the campus on Long Island University – Post in Brookville, N.Y., received an update. A main one was time.

In 2010, the university decided to add an 80-minute “common hour” four days a week that would feature no classes. This period, from 12:30-1:50 p.m. would mean that the foodservice operations would now face a shorter time to feed more students.

In order to handle this new crunch, Dining Services, provided by Aramark, would need to update the facilities it offered. “Prior to common hour starting, it was always a challenge in our food court because of the design and the way the traffic flowed; our lines would block out our concepts, the beverage machines and it would cover some of the food,” said Shawn Carvajal, general manager of Dining Services. “It also wasn't a customer-friendly process. The average wait time was one to five minutes, sometimes stretching into nine minutes. For us, we really needed to redesign the flow of that food court, to expand the footprint as much as we possibly could, and design it in a way that we could put all of our hot food on one side of the store, and then allow the other half of the store to have one line that leads to the four registers.” ...

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