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Highlights of the JULY 2012 Issue

Michael Leone


In a series of articles, On-Campus Hospitality is speaking with the leaders of contract management companies to learn their thoughts on topics in college and university food service.

We recently spoke with Michael Leone, executive vice president for Aramark Higher Education, about his career and current and future trends.

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ON-CAMPUS HOSPITALITY: How did you first become involved in the foodservice and college and university segment?

MICHAEL LEONE: After college, I joined a hotel company called Oxford Development Company, which was my first venture into the hospitality and food business. I worked my way through numerous food and beverage positions and was director of sales. I was with that company for about 12 years and then moved into roles as general manager of several hotels and ended up becoming the vice president and general manager of the hotel and convention company. ...


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SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD: A Look at the Marine Stewardship Council


The use of sustainable seafood remains an area of importance on college and university campuses. But how does one know what seafood is processed sustainably?

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is one organization, along with Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program and the Global Aquaculture Alliance, that many in the foodservice industry have turned to to answer that question.

On-Campus Hospitality spoke to two representatives of the MSC, Kerry Coughlin, regional director, Americas, and Mike DeCesare, communications director, Americas, to find out how the organization works to certify fisheries and foodservice programs as sustainable and educates the public on sustainable seafood issues.

“MSC was founded in 1998, but was not operational for a couple of years,” said Coughlin. “During that time, there were dialogues locally with about 200 to 300 scientists, experts, academics, conservation organizations, all to define a standard for what sustainable seafood would be. It was that dialogue period that consumed almost two years. The MSC became an independent operational program after that.”

The organization created a standard by which fisheries could be measured for sustainability, as well as a traceability program to ensure that any seafood that carries the MSC label could be traced back to the fishery of origin. “It grew out of a combination of industry and conservation,” she said. “Unilever was the largest trader of seafood at the time. They were interested in the resource, how to preserve the resource and seeing about those issues.”...



DESIGN: A Cornerstone in Campus Dining


As part of a $2 million community life improvement initiative, the Dining Commons on the campus of Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Mich., received a much-anticipated upgrade.

“The Dining Commons is now more welcoming, has a more hospitable atmosphere and is more visually cueing on what food options are available,” said Cindy Wiltheiss, director of Cornerstone University Food Service. “It encourages a more relaxed and social aspect to the dining experience.”

The newly renovated facility, which was last refurbished in 1998, is now 11,500 square feet, an increase of 20 percent. “The walls surrounding the foodservice area were torn down and replaced with a curved wall with a window,” she said.

Dining Services had specific ideas in mind from a culinary standpoint when the facility was being redesigned. “Our stations were developed to provide a variety of menu options, keeping each station unique from another and offering a complete meal, much like a food kiosk at a mall,” said Wiltheiss. “We offer a wide variety of meal choices, working to stay on top of the latest culinary trends and techniques, while also maintaining traditional favorites.” ...


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