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Highlights of the August 2011 Issue

17th Annual Tastes of the World
Culinary Conference at UMass
Offers “Simple Food, Healthy Eating”


Hundreds of collegiate chefs from the U.S. and Canada gathered at the 17th Annual Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) — Amherst from June 12-17 to learn from culinary experts on simple food and healthy eating.

“The 17th annual Tastes of the Chef Culinary Conference will be remembered as one of the best yet,” said Ken Toong, conference chair and executive director of Auxiliary Enterprises at UMass. “It had everything from education, and tasting, to fun events. Delegates were asked by Chef John Ash to pledge to reduce sodium content, CEO of Chartwells Steve Sweeney reminded us to take care of employees and stay thin and White House Chef Roland Mesnier encouraged us to exer-cise and eat intelligently.”


BACK TO SCHOOL — Penn State To Open New Pollock

With a need for more housing on the University Park campus of Penn State University, a decision was made to convert Simmons Dining Hall to living space. To continue to meet the dining needs of students who used Simmons and those in the new housing, when they arrive on campus for the fall semester they will find a newly renovated Pollock Dining Commons.

“The old Pollock dining hall had the physical size to handle 1,200 more students, but the servery and setup and style of service would not have accommodated additional students,” said Lisa Wandel, director of residential dining. “It was a great time with Simmons closing for us to renovate Pollock, build it in a new style of service, where they could accommodate more students, quicker service, more points of service, trendier, things that they wanted to see versus what was okay back in 1991 or 92, when it was last renovated.”

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HEALTH — The Dietitian's Changed Role

The role of the campus dietitian has changed greatly in the more than 25 years that Rick Thomas, Executive Director of Norris Center and Student Services for Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., has been in higher education.

“Many years ago, it was all about recipes and the food pyramid,” he said. “It was a lot less about individualized customer service. Today's campus dietitian has to be part scientist, part counselor, part teacher and I would go as far as to say part flight attendant in that they are really providing hands-on, frontline service today to our end consumer — the students. Twenty-five years ago, I suspect the campus dietitian spent their time in an office, not necessarily sitting down with students all that directly, but more simply working with the chefs to run the recipes and develop the nutritional information.”

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PIZZA PLEASERS: Bacon 'n Egg Pizza & Peanutty Cookie Pizza

There is no doubt that pizza is a staple of the college student's diet. Here are some different takes on pizza you can try on your campus.

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