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Bob Jones University —
  Fills 'The Hangar'

The Varsity Room in the Dining Commons at Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C., will be a lot different when students return to school this month.

“The building itself was built in the '60s for a sit-down, family-style environment, which we went away from many, many years ago,” said Roy Hulehan, director of retail operations with the university. “The renovation has been in our plans for a number of years to make it more conducive to a fresher, pod-style-type servery.” ...

The focus of the renovation is to offer that modern foodservice setting. “One of the big things that we really wanted to focus on with this renovation is the ability to do more short-order cooking, use a lot fresher ingredients and display the actual cooking vessels in front of the students,” said Adam Summer, senior foodservice director with Aramark, the campus foodservice provider. “It pretty much takes away that mystery behind the wall. The new renovation will allow students to see the cooks actually preparing their food, give them the opportunity to customize their menu ingredients and get a fresher plate of food, where as in the past, it wasn't conducive to that.” ...



Meeting Student Expectations

When students return to campus this month at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, they will have two new dining venues on campus to enjoy — ones that better meet their expectations.

“What we found here is that it had been more than 20 years since we had put any real money into our dining facilities,” said Eddie Mills, associate vice president of Auxiliary Services. “We did some minor renovations here or there, but we had not given the campus community a dining program that the institution was worthy of. We have tremendous housing facilities that we built over the last 10-12 years. We have great academic buildings that we built. We have a growing institution. We have grown 7,000 students in the last eight or 10 years. Now, we've got 20,000 students in a dining hall that was built in the '60s, and a much smaller one that was built in '91.”

Updating the facilities was one of Mills' first priorities when he started his current role in 2010. “I was a student here in the late '80s, early '90s,” he said. “It was one of the first priorities when I got here, because they were the same two facilities that were here when I was a student. Not much had changed. We began having internal conversations. We brought in a consultant that helped us gather some student trends, some student feedback, surveyed students to find out what their expectations were and then tried to design a facility around those expectations.” ...



CONFERENCES — Flavor, Culture, Healthfulness:
19th Annual Tastes of the World Culinary Conference at UMass


Hundreds of collegiate chefs from the U.S. and Canada gathered at the 19th Annual Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) — Amherst from June 16-21 to learn from culinary experts on “Flavor, Culture, Healthfulness: The Future of College Dining Menus,” the conference's theme.

“The 19th Annual Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference was the most attended (259) and the most exciting one yet,” said Ken Toong, conference chair and executive director of Auxiliary Enterprises at UMass. “It was an intense but fun week. We had celebrity chefs, powerful presentations, panel discussion, industry showcase, 18 hands-on workshops and competitions. We discussed the literacy of food and the social responsibility, tested hundreds of recipes and tasted many cuisines. There is so much we can do, as operators and chefs, to continue to provide food that tastes good, and is good for you, while supporting sustainability.”

The event featured several knowledgeable speakers, an American Culinary Federation (ACF)-sanctioned culinary competition and hands-on sessions with small group production workshops. ...


HEALTHY TRENDS: SDSU Renovates Dining Hall with Healthy Twist


When the newly renovated University Towers Kitchen at San Diego State University (SDSU) in California opens this month, it will not only feature aesthetic improvements, it will also launch a new healthy eating program.

“It is a brand new renovation, all the way down to the steel beams, including all new floors, plumbing and design,” said Paul Melchior, director of SDSU Dining. “It is basically a brand-new place. The only thing we saved were the steel beams.”

The original 8,000-square-foot building was 50 years old and designed for the service popular at the time. “Before the renovation, it was designed with just one serving line,” he said. “Five years before we closed it down, we tried to transform as much as we could to make as much to order as possible. There was a big solid wall and there was that stereotypical two-by-two foot window that the hand would reach the food through. All you would see is the hand.” ...

The main focus of the à la carte facility is that all of the food is made from scratch. “We are not buying any processed food in there,” said Melchoir. “If we serve chicken tenders, we are buying chicken, panko bread crumbs, eggs and flour, and we are making them. Our garden burgers are going to be made with chickpeas as a base, and we have a great recipe for that.”

Another major aspect is transparency. “There are no walls in the kitchen, so the customer sees from the exhibition station right in front of them all the way to the back of the kitchen,” he said. ...

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