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Highlights of the OCTOBER 2012 Issue

On-Campus Hospitality ROUNDTABLE:


At this year's National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) meeting, On-Campus Hospitality held its annual roundtable with a diverse group of college and university foodservice personnel ...


DAWN AUBREY, Associate Director of Housing for Dining Services, University of Illinois

BERNADETTE CHUNG-TEMPLETON, Executive Director of Dining Services, Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges

GAIL FINAN, Director of Cornell Dining, Cornell University

J. MICHAEL FLOYD, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services, University of Georgia

MARK HAYES, Director of University Dining Services, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

CAMP HOWARD, Director of Campus Dining, Vanderbilt University

MICHAEL MYERS, Assistant Director MIT Dining, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

RAM NABAR, Resident District Manager (Sodexo), George Mason University

JOIE SCHOONOVER, Director of Dining and Culinary Services, Division of University Housing, University of Wisconsin-Madison

KEN TOONG, Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

RICHARD TURNBULL, Associate Director, University Housing and Dining Services, Oregon State University

HELEN WECHSLER, Director, BC Dining, Boston College


How important is the topic of health and nutrition in your operations? Are your students looking for healthier choices?

Are you using or considering adding new ways to bring food to students on campus through food trucks or online ordering? What are your thoughts on these delivery methods?

Have you witnessed an increase in the number of students on your campus with special dietary needs, such as allergies and other food sensitivities? How are you meeting their needs?

In what ways are you working to maximize your food purchase value?

What do you see as the next great trend in college and university food service?


Read the complete On-Campus Hospitality ROUNDTABLE ...



Sustainable Mean Plan: Reducing the Waste While Reducing the Waist


In an effort to reduce the amount of food waste and encourage responsible eating among its students, Dining Services at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Va., launched a Sustainable Meal Plan.

The meal plan started as Sustainable Meal Week in April 2011. For five consecutive days over lunch and dinner in Hunt Dining Hall, the students, faculty and staff voluntarily suspended the traditional all-you-can-eat college meal format in favor of sustainable consumption and minimized waste by adopting a “one entrée and two sides” service reduction from the service stations in the main servery.

“It was derived as a way for us to reduce waste, reduce overconsumption and potentially have a positive financial impact on the operation,” said Tracy Hiner, director of Dining Services with Chartwells, the campus foodservice provider.

“We were working with student groups on campus as we do across all higher education when it comes to hunger awareness,” said Mary VanNortwick, wellness dietitian. “Many times the focus on hunger awareness goes abroad — people in other lands are without. Tracy and I wanted to make it relevant to our students here and now — before they could understand it abroad, that they understand it within their own community.” ...




The new Turner Place at Lavery Hall on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, was designed to be a trendsetting facility.

“We believe that this is a facility that hopefully sets the trend for more than a decade to come with these entrances, selfdeveloped concepts and national brands,” said Ted Faulkner, director for Dining Services. “We believe this is something new and unique — just as we set the trend 14 years ago when we brought West End Market on as a marche concept. No one had ever thought about bringing that to a campus.”

The planning for Turner Place began in 2005 when the university decided to close another dining center in the residential area of campus. “With that, there had been a desire to get a dining center and food service on the academic side of campus,” he said. “We didn't really have any food service on the academic side.”

After the decision was made, Dining Services started discussions with student advisory groups, and hired Porter Khouw Consulting to gather feedback from students. “They came in and did a survey with the students,” said Faulkner. “They got literally thousands of students' feedback with regard to what they would like to see from the dining program as a whole, as well as a new facility coming on to campus. We continued to survey our students and gather that feedback as it developed, in regard to the food offerings. From that feedback, we developed some RFPs for some national brands they wanted.” ...





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