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Always A Helping Hand


Like many businesses on the East Coast, LIU Post — the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University — was severely affected when Superstorm Sandy hit in late October.

On The Back Page in this issue, Shawn Carvajal, general manager of Dining Services with Aramark at the university, describes how he and his team were able to deal with extended periods without electricity and the difficulties that came with the power outage — lack of refrigeration, inability to use ovens and other challenges.

But by following their comprehensive planning and emergency contingency preparations, they were able to keep students fed. They also were able to feed the hundreds of electrical workers who came from all across North America to help restore power.

While the Dining Services employees were working hard to keep the students and others fed, they were also dealing with their own issues. “In addition to the challenges at the university, our managers and employees were dealing with damage to their homes and personal property while commuting to work in the midst of a gas shortage and no public transportation,” said Carvajal. “To ensure continued service, employee carpooling began and schedules were modified to ensure coverage, and our employees continued to provide outstanding service to the students and staff who remained on campus.”

Many other schools in the affected areas faced the same conditions as Post, and each did its best to help keep its students, staff and community fed.

But this comes as no surprise to all of you. Caring for those in need comes as second nature to all in the college and university foodservice business.

When difficult times call for help to be given, you step up to do what needs to be done — whether on a large scale like the East Coast schools within the 400-mile-wide swath cut by Sandy, or the tornados that struck on the campus of the University of Alabama — or in a more localized way with the hundreds of schools working to help others on an everyday basis.

For instance, in the past few weeks:


Those of you directly involved don't do these types of things for the thanks you get — but let us add ours to the many you have already received. It is selfless acts like yours for those in need that make the world a better place.