OCH CoverOn-Campus Hospitality

November 2011
And the Winner Is ...

Brent Beringer!

At the 2011 NACAS Conference in Orlando, Fla., we announced the winner of the inaugural NACAS On-Campus Hospitality College Foodservice Excellence Award.

NACAS, like On-Campus Hospitality, recognizes the importance of food service in the panoply of campus services.

When we put out the call for nominations, the response we received was overwhelming. The competition generated more nominations than any other NACAS award this year.

Upon reading all of the nominations, we were impressed with the extremely high quality of the many nominees. While our more than 30 years reporting on this industry have shown us that college and university dining comprises many dedicated and exceptional individuals, reviewing details of their accomplishments and dedication mentioned in these nominations is a reminder of how great this segment of the industry is. It also solidifies our pride in being part of an industry populated by so many exemplary individuals.

Narrowing down the many nominees to one recipient was an extremely arduous, difficult and time-consuming process; each was exceptional in his or her own way.

We are very pleased to recognize Brent Beringer, resident district manager with Aramark at the University of Virginia (U.Va.) Dining Services in Charlottesville. He fits perfectly with the reason the award was created: to honor higher-education foodservice professionals who have gone above and beyond to make the dining experience of their customers — students, faculty, staff and guests — the best it can be and have greatly improved food service on their campuses or in the industry in general.

Brent is a leader in many areas on his campus. In nominating him, numerous colleagues at the University of Virginia, both in food service and outside of it, pointed out how he helps the operation — and his team — succeed.

“Brent is a visionary, and he is great at communicating his vision out to his team,” said Mora Sims, senior director of Retail at U.Va. “He is attuned to the university community and has the vision to steer us in directions that we wouldn't have thought to go. ... He appreciates his team and realizes that we all work together to get things done. He runs a tight ship monetarily, but more importantly, he is always there for his team.”

Bryan Kelly, district executive chef with U.Va. Dining, said that Brent has guided his career. “I truly believe that Brent has helped me take my career to the next level. Through his integrity and honesty, Brent has shown me how to operate and function among so many different employees. Brent has pushed me to work outside of my comfort zone and understand what I'm capable of.”

We are delighted to honor Brent with this award. He is truly deserving of it.