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Editorial Comment — November 2017

All Hands on Deck! …

It’s been a tough and challenging year, and it ain’t over yet.

The steepest part of the retail year — the holidays — is upon the military resale system and has been for some time now. The impact of the holidays reverberates throughout the supply chain — and it’s all hands on deck — from manufacturer to broker and distribution center, to shelf-stockers, associates, stores, headquarters, and all who support the effort.

Collectively, everyone needs to engage. Services and suppliers, distributors and store directors, general managers, marketers, media … all must pull together to help military resale meet and exceed expectations — not only yours and those of the military, but in particular, those of the customer.

In taking on the directorship of the Defense Commissary Agency, Rob Bianchi has accepted quite a stiff challenge at this most difficult of times, and he needs and deserves everyone’s support. He is a fierce and dedicated proponent of the military servicemember and his or her family, and has been so for many years now. With the better part of a decade at the helm of NEXCOM, Bianchi has seen resale as a customer and a CEO from both the uniformed side and also, since 2012, from the civilian perspective. All along he has put the Navy, the military mission, first; and there is no reason to expect that to change.

Make no mistake, he brings the same dedication and resolve to the task that he did on day one — along with excellence, a quality we see clearly mirrored throughout the exchanges’ leadership ranks. They are a credit to their respective departments, and deserve the highest acclaim for their jobs well done.

Share with Director Bianchi all the ideas that will help turn sales, efficiency and service around. Nobody can change the past, but everyone can — and should — with Bianchi’s guidance look to the future. Everyone at DeCA should know that Bianchi has a great deal to offer. Let him help you.

It’s incumbent on all not to just sit back and grumble, protest or criticize ... but to be part of the solution, to help fix resale. The best customers in the world deserve it.

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