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Highlights of the July 2011 Issue



In a series of articles, On-Campus Hospitality is speaking with the leaders of contract management companies to learn their thoughts on topics in college and university foodservice.

Steve Sweeney, president and CEO of Chartwells, has been in this position since the company's inception in 1997. In February, he was named the International Food-service Manufacturers Association (IFMA) Silver Plate recipient in the Foodservice Management category.


Seafood Watch

A Look at Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program

The topic of sustainability has been at the forefront in college and university dining services for the last several years. One area that has been on the rise is the use of sustainable seafood.

When it comes to knowing what types of seafood are sustainable, the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program has become one of a few authorities, including Marine Stewardship Council and the Global Aquaculture Alliance, that many in the foodservice industry have turned to. Since 1999, the organization has printed 36 million of its sustainable seafood pocket guides and its iPhone application has been downloaded more than 240,000 times.

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EQUIPMENT — Essential Equipment

Whether renovating a dining facility or building a new one, a lot of decisions need to be made — everything from the décor to the food options. A very important aspect is choosing the right types of equipment to meet the needs of the facility.

On-Campus Hospitality spoke with foodservice equipment expert Doug Fryett, president and owner of Fryett Consulting Group in Shreveport, La., about some of the essential equipment needed for a new or renovated dining facility.

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